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Looking after nr1, little “someone” or whatever you want to call your penis, you’d do well to look after him. Say hi to penis pumps!

Many guys believe that the use of penis pumps is to increase the size of the manhood but that is not the only reason. For those of you that are very sexual active or those that might have an issue on occasion, penis pumps are designed to keep it in shape. You should compare with the gym, or general exercises to enhance your body’s physique or stamina.

If you regularly use a pumps and follow the instructions you will in the end have a penis that will perform better, I hope this sounds a logical as it does writing it.

What not to do is overuse it! I have seen pics of guys that are desperate to get an instant 3 inches added and believe me, this will not happen! The only way to get an instant extra 3 inches is using a cock sheath, which by the way is very good fun! Check out the cock sheaths selection at esmale.com

Getting your manhood into shape takes time, patience and dedication like it does to get a 6-pack.

Check out the penis pumps on esmale.com and if you have any questions please let us know, here to help!

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