First time fucked by toys, my story!

How much bum fun can you handle?

Whether you can handle your gay toys in a big way or not, we all have to start somewhere.
For me the starting point was called a Rascal initiation kit, even though the name made it sound a bit to military, as if I was “learning” rather then “loving”. However the product itself did speak to me.
My first session was a bit crap, I got all lubed up and ready to get dirty. Well dirty I got and lets leave it there. It was my first lesson in why the have an anal douche before anal sex, I will not go into further details.
This was me done with using anal gay toys for a while. After a week or so I tried again. Clean and ready to, I entered the smallest one from the initiation pack, and after some initial pain I soon realised what the fuss was about, I loved it. I came big time without touching my weapon, delicious. When I came it was more intense then normal, not entirely sure how to put it into works. You know when you go for a piss and REALLY need to go, it feels like a great relieve. Well, cumming whilst having anal toys up your bum is the same. Its like normal cumming but much better.
I have gone up to the biggest dildo in the pack now and becoming a bit of a greedy bottom, I can’t help it. I am sure it is not for everybody but my “nights in” on my own have changed quite a bit, LOL!
Mr helium heels!

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