Getting clean is the way to be seen!

Hands up, who does not use an anal douche??


I am wondering this ever since the guy I met over the weekend had never had an anal douche, EVER!

He was a total hotty, in his 30’s so I thought he would be well versed in what I deem to be normal when having anal sex or whilst using male sex toys.

anal douche kit

We were about to get “to it”, my rubber was on and I was ready to mount him and he said, I should be OK……I asked what he meant and basically he started rambling on about when he last had food etc……..I was thinking…. are you for real!! I was way to horny not to proceed so I did and all went well but SERIOUSLY.

Am I being to clean about this sort of think?! In my mind it is totally normal to expect someone to have had an anal douche before having anal sex?

When you use your male sex toys on yourself surely you clean up before you start, the same should apply to sex with others.

Sorry, just had to get this of my chest as it annoys me, I know that there are plenty of people who like a bit of brown, and each their own, all good.

Rant over



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