A douche that will leave you clean as a whistle

Who said anything about glamour!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, while not the most glamorous of sex toys, the douche is a bathroom essential for any practicing bottom. Let’s be frank – there’s nothing worse than getting ready, then going down for a good rimming only to end up finding the remains of last night’s…. you get my drift, right! That’s where the Vulcanite anal douche comes in handy.

Vulcanite Anal Douche

Vulcanite Anal Douche

Simple, convenient and easy – just how we like it!

This very simple douche comes with two nozzles, the first one is perfect for the beginner, whilst the extra Vulcanite attachment is guaranteed to plug up and cleanse even the biggest back passage. This is not brain surgery, but the instructions included in the box are brief to say the least and also reference something called a vagina? Even though the product is sold for anal use and it’s target market is gay men.

Save on laundry bills

Investing in a douche will mean you can avoid and spare yourself awkward moments during anal sex. Trust me it’s so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you never invested in it before.

Don’t forget your lube.

I added a little dollop of lube before I stick it in. I found the overall experience   easy to use and the reservoir or bulb that holds the water, is much bigger than your average douche, so I found once was enough. With a little warm water and soap it was simple to clean too. Even though at E S Male we do recommend using a toy cleaner just to make sure.

5 Reasons To Buy the Vulcanite Anal Douche.

  • It’ll leave you clean as a whistle.
  • It’s an essential for any piece of equipment for any bottom.
  • It’s includes a special attachment for the pro’s.
  • So simple it’s perfect for first timers and those looking to experiment with anal play.
  • Save on the cost of dry cleaning.

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