Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Butt Plug Small – even your bum needs a little help sometimes!

Butt plug virgins

We have a huge range of butt plugs at targeted directly at the gay male sex toy market. There is something for everyone from small butt plugs for first-time anal play to more challenging big anal plugs for people who have more experience (and know exactly how much fun you can have with your bum).

Great for beginners and trainees

We know it can be hard to work your way into anal play, which is why we recommend the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Butt Plug Small. If your pucker is impossible to crack, try this small butt plug on for size. This toy is only 6″ x 1″ and when you add lube it gets incredibly slick for easy entry, making it ideal for beginners. Small and slim, this anal plug is ideal for beginners and those who are working their way up to something bigger. The rounded head is angled and will slip in with ease.









I confess…

This plug was my first choice when I started out and even though now it’s just a tickle for one’s ass it helped prepare my confidence and bottom for any penis coming my way in your future, nonetheless a critical step in the development of a truly aspiring great bottom. It didn’t take long before I was on the intermediates and in search for a medium sized butt plug. It’s easy really, almost like choosing a gym class, well almost.

Special features

Made of special translucent “jelly” material it is a real beauty. This plug features a suction cup base that sticks to any smooth surface, so you can put your free hands to better use if you catch my drift.


What it does is prepare your ass for the big hot world of wildly different penis sizes, and to that end it does indeed succeed. So if you are a bottom-virgin or just needs a little extra practice look no further.

5 Reasons To the clear anal starter

  • Easy to clean.
  • Perfect for beginners and trainees.
  • Be prepared for any cock that comes your way.
  • It looks beautiful (no really it does!).
  • Features a suction cup base for hands free fun. will have the widest selections of butt plugs and sex toys designed for the trainees and beginners alike.

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