Gays vs Guys

Gay vs Guy!

After working in the sex industry for many years is was time to test the toys!

Male sex toys against gay sex toys.

The first task was to actual find something that is really for the gay and what is for the guys. This task was more difficult then I thought. Most dildo’s, anal toys, lube and toys like that are all the same for all gays and what guys might use on themselves or with a women.

So we conclude that the best measurement would be a wanking tool. Fleshjack and Fleshlight are from the same company but specifically tailored to the gay and the guy so that seemed like the obvious choice.

On one hand we have the male sex toys side with the gorgeous Jessica drake and her butt, we though we should do butt vs butt to make all parameters equal.

hott stuff!










On the other had we have the very handsome Dolph Lambert and his butt.












Who will win?

We send the toys home with a gay and a straight guy and they both came back with the same winner. It appears that Dolph got the crown. In general they seem to be of the opinion that once you are “in” there is not masses of difference but that at the point on entering Dolph’s bum has a firmer grip then Jessica’s butt, which made the experience slightly better according to our testers.

What was great to hear is that the Fleshjack and Fleshlight toys both got a firm seal of approval from both guys, so the overall winner might just be sex toys in general? In the end it often is the fantasy that also plays a bit part.

Somehow we feel we should have more test like this but what would be the best sex toys to do it with? Please let us know by commenting or connecting though

Team esmale.

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