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A butt plug is the perfect companion for guys looking to explore the pleasures of anal sex, and those of you who have use anal toys as part of your sexual repertoire know it can lead to intense sensations and full body orgasms.

doc-johnson-round-butt-plugA butt plug is a conical shaped anal sex toy that starts small but gently graduates in size. They usually feature a slimmer section at the bottom and a flared base for safety. Designed specifically for anal play, this gay sex toy will gently stretch the anus and stimulate the sensitive nerve endings that exist both internally and externally.

It’s a fabulous way to initially explore the boundaries of anal sex, either through solo masturbation or as part of anal toys stimulation with a partner.

For those of you looking for a new sensation check out the latest round butt plug to arrive at esmale HQ. The Doc Johnson round butt plug features a round bulbous shape for a more well-rounded butt plug, this anal toy measures 3.5 inches in diameter and is guaranteed to fill you up fully and hit that all important p-spot.

You’ll love the way this specially shaped plug pleases the prostate gland – which feels phenomenal! When you feel like you’re ready to progress, try a slightly larger butt plug.

The sphincters in your anus automatically contract and release when something is inserted, so if you’re new to butt plugs you may want to start off with something slimmer to relax your anal muscles.

The Doc Johnson medium sized butt plug is up there in the top 10-bestselling anal toys at esmale. What makes this butt plug so appealing is the size; at just 5 inches in length this butt plug is great for beginners and features a tapered tip and a narrow, extra flexible base. Made of skin safe rubber it’s super easy to clean. Get Doc Johnson medium sized butt plug ate esmale here.

No matter what anal toys you are getting ready to play with, don’t forget your lube (and apply generously). To start with, lubricate your butt plug and your anus fully. A specialist anal lube such as Maximus Anal Lubricant or Swiss Navy will provide the slipperiness needed to aid insertion.

If you like to wear your butt plug long periods of time the combination of wide waist, slim neck and flared base allows you to keep your butt plug inside you even during vigorous activity, to avoid any slippage we recommend investing in a strong sturdy silicone butt plug.

View the full range of butt plugs available at esmale here.

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