Swiss Navy 2 in 1 lube dispenser gives us the best of both worlds

One thing we know for certain, gay sex feels a lot better when it’s wet! Swiss Navy have specially designed lubes for all occasions, so whether you’re with a hot guy or playing with your favourite toys, lube is guaranteed to enhance your sexual pleasure.

Swiss Navy has done it again with their new 2-in-1-lube dispenser giving us the best of both worlds. This new product offers us their most popular premium lubricants in an easy to use container. One half contains 25ml of water based and the other half 25ml silicone. It’s impossible to get the two mixed up each lube comes with a colour coded button dispenser. The silicone lube pump is marked in red and the water based lube is marked with a blue pump. Now it’s even easier to get what you really want.

Now you can avoid those awkward moments when mid session with a hot guy and you reach under the bed for lube and end up grabbing the wrong one! Swiss Navy has the answer if you can’t decide between the long lasting sensations of silicone and the toy-and-condom-safe properties of water-based or if you use both at different times, then this Swiss Navy Lubricants 2-in-1 dispenser is the perfect choice for you.

The actual dispenser is discreet and looks fantastic, when it first arrived at our office we thought it looked like hair gel; the pump is simple to control and easy to pump. I tried both lubes and the silicone appeared to be quite oily but amazingly smooth, slippery, long lasting and really elevated my solo session. The water-based lube dries out fast, but I tried it with my Tenga and with plenty of pumping it provided great lubrication and cleaned up with ease.

5 Reasons To Buy The Swiss Navy 2-in-1-lube dispenser

Clear color-coding ensures you won’t use the wrong lube ever again.
Fantastic design: one easy-to-use dispenser, two great lubes.
Perfect companion for when you are playing with your favourite toys or someone else.
Discreet packaging.
This lube is easy to clean up.

Swiss Navy Lube 2 in 1 dispenser

Swiss Navy Lube 2 in 1 dispenser

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