Vibrating butt plugs go hand in hand with HOT orgasms.

My partner and I often use our vibrating butt plug to warm up before a heavy session. I love all the prep that goes in to using it. My partner starts by rimming me and not before long he is pushing it in. He is very careful and using of plenty of water-based lube on my anus and the butt plug he slowly begins rubbing my anus. By this point I am working hard to stop myself from erupting.

Of course you can use a vibrating butt plug by yourself, simply sit up and rock back-and-forth for extra stimulation. I guarantee that the mix of powerful waves of vibrations and a deep, satisfying feeling of penetration, you will be screaming all night long from the intensely erotic orgasms a vibrating butt plug provides…

Butt plugs have been designed with anal use in mind, and if you use a normal vibe for anal stimulation or penetration it could cause discomfort to your anus or cause injury (try explaining that one to the doctor!) Butt plugs have a flared base for easy retrieval, but the base also doubles up as a handy grip to control thrusts and depth.

Butt plugs are made to pleasure your anus in ways you never thought possible, they are especially designed with tapered heads for easy insertion and some feature textured or beaded shaft to increase sensation.

How to use a butt plug
Anal butt plugs are great for use when masturbating! The vibrations add an extra element of stimulation that creates intense orgasms! As I discussed earlier butt plugs are a good form of foreplay before anal sex; they help to relax your outer sphincter muscles, making penetration less painful and much easier for you and your partner.

When using an anal vibrator, invest in a thick and silky anal lube that can be used safely on your sex toy. We recommend Swiss Navy lube, Doc Johnson Anal Lube or Pjur Anal Lubricant.

Once you have applied adequate lubrication to your butt plug and anus, simply lie back in a comfortable position or on your hands and knees and carefully insert the butt plug. You’re your time and stop if you feel any discomfort.

You can either switch the vibrating function or straight away, or you can choose to wait you have fully inserted the butt plug to enjoy the vibrating patterns. Either way, your anus will thank you for it in the end!

vibrating butt plug

vibrating butt plug

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