Anal beads review – Colt Power Drill Anal Beads

For those of you not familiar with anal beads, they tend to start small and increase get larger making them perfect for beginners. Simply apply a generous dollop of lube to the anal beads and your anus. The ergonomically graduated shape, smooth spheres and easy hand-held design, anal beads provide an unusual and appealing feeling that creates amazing orgasms.

We recently received a review from a customer who gave his permission for us to share it with you. Below is what he had to say about the Colt Power Drill Balls anal beads.

“This set of anal balls from top gay porn studio feel soft and squishy but don’t let that deceive you these anal beads are ass-filling.

The graduated balls go from 0.75″ to 1.75″. The rubber anal tool is made up of a series of eight soft rubber “spiral spiked” balls starting with 0.75 at one end graduating up to a whopping 1.75 and is approximately eleven inches long, not including the round rubber handle I found useful for yanking it out at the point of orgasm which left me wanting more.

Each anal ball features a ribbing texture which look like small soft spikes, made from rubber these tickle the sensitive nerve endings in and around your anus for extra sensation. There’s no need to worry about a missing spike or two up any butt; it’s all part of the design. There’s no packaged statement suggesting the best lubricant for success, but the guys at esmale recommended Maximus anal lube, suitable for use with all your favourite gay sex toys and is condom compatible.

I started by pushing just the first bead to get used to the sensation of gentle anal penetration. Once I was comfortable I used one hand to push the bead in and the other hand to keep my anus spread.

Once I reached the final bead, I was feeling full and satisfyingly stretched and rock hard, the best bit was pulling the beads out at the point of orgasm to really heat things up!

I would recommend the Colt Power Drill balls be used with a partner, of course one can manage to insert this as a solo event, but it is much easier to get the full effect when someone else takes the reigns and has control over the handle. Not knowing when he will pull the plug (as it were) added to the experience.”

Advanced anal enthusiasts might prefer anal beads, which are bigger and vibrate, producing an extra pleasing pull on your body. The Toy Joy Bum Buster Vibrating Anal Beads are ideal for this! Your outer anal sphincter is surrounded by tons of nerve endings and will react to even one or two anal beads being inserted – imagine what happens when you make them shake and vibrate . . .

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