A to Z of Anal Sex Toys – Part 1

Are you finally ready to take the plunge? And enter through the backdoor. Check out the esmale A to Z of Anal toys blog that jam packed with practical advice guaranteed to get you opened wide and singing for joy. Below is just a sampling of what’s available; click here for the full blog list of everything anal.

Anal sex toys are specially designed products for anal penetration. Butt plugs, dildos and anal beads are just a few of the most common toys used for anal penetration. Anal toys are available in a range of shapes and different sizes and there is something for everyone. Most anal toys are tapered or graduated allowing for easy insertion, before flaring out or swelling in size to stimulate those all important nerve endings and prostate.

I Heard Anal  Toys Hurt?

If you’re new to anal penetration or inexperienced it can hurt a little bit. The sphincter muscles inside the anus are covered in highly sensitive nerve endings and welcomes gentle stimulation by fingers, tongues or toys like the small gently rounded tip of a vibrating butt plug.

The perineum, just beneath the anal opening, is another area that provides sensual stimulation. Try running a Anal Beads over the perineum as part of a sensual massage or adding a few drops of Swiss Navy personal lubricant as you explore gently using your fingers or tongue.

Remember it takes time and practice makes perfect, at your own pace do as much or as little as you like, in time we guarantee you’ll soon realise why anal toys are enjoyed by gay guys worldwide.

How do I bring up the subject with my partner?

Great sex is all about good communication; discuss your anal fantasies with your partner rather than just pulling out a huge butt plug or gay sex toy.

Talk about buying anal toys, visit www.esmale.com and together you can see the fantastic range of toys available and all the advice that goes with it. Just be honest, say why you’re interested and listen to what your partner has to say too. The conversation doesn’t have to be serious, it should be sexy and fun, this way no one will feel offended or rejected.

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