Use lube to get more from your butt plug

If you spend more time with your butt plug in than you do at work and want some extra mileage from your new best friend, ESMale have tried and tested a variety of lube and stimulants that will help do just that.

If you’re not already using lubricants with your butt plug, you will be amazed at how different it can make your anus feel and how much bigger and better your orgasms will be. Using lube is essential when playing with gay sex toys, and butt plugs (no matter how big) are no exception to the rule.

Lubes ensure your butt plug experience is extremely enjoyable. They also ensure no harm or injury occurs when penetrating the anus. Lube will make your butt plug feel much more comfortable, a lot more fun to use.

If you’ve been using your butt plug for a while and want to experiment with something bigger, lubes are ideal for ‘greasing’ the way so that you can slip and slide your butt plug in and out.

Without lube you would be relying on your natural anal secretions, which might not be enough when taking on some of the big guns like the Doc Johnson range of TitanMen butt plugs at a huge 15-inches high, you can see why lube is a good idea for use with butt plugs!

Even though you may not be attempting to take on something so big and satisfying, every butt plug feels more delicious and sexy when covered in silky, slippery lube.

But before you start ordering all sorts of different lubes, you need to remember that you’re buying lube for use with your butt plug. That means you need to buy lubricants that have been made especially for gay sex toys and butt plugs. Lucky for you guys the boys at esmale have done the research for you!

Here are our top lubes for an out of this world butt plug ride

ID Glide lube

ID Glide lube has been designed with gay sex toys in mind, including butt plugs. Use it to lube up your best butt plug and then enjoy the ride.

Liquid Silk Lube

Doubling as a skin conditioner that’s ideal for use when massaging your partner as well as during sex play, Liquid Silk, a non-tacky water-based lubricant, is luxuriously silky and smooth when applied to your anus and butt plug, leaving your skin feeling innocently soft after all the dirty play is done.

Pjur Aquaglide Original Lube

If you or your partner wants to use a butt plug while giving oral sex, tasteless and odourless Aquaglide Original won’t put you off, and its condom-friendly ingredients mean you’ll be ready for sex when the butt plug is put down!

Swiss Navy Water based lube

A must-have for those of you with sensitive bums and skin, Swiss Navy features extra moisturising properties that will protect you from butt plug friction if things get a little playful!

Doc Johnson butt plug set

Doc Johnson butt plugs

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