Pride Month is here, get it on!

Pride Month is here, and we are loving it. Mighty Hoopla was amazing and places like Cirencester, Chichester and Chipping Norton already had their Pride. Where are you going to strut your stuff this month? Whatever you do make sure you have a look in our stores for the best poppers and adult tools and gear!

What is your flavour?

Spring, Summer and Pride seasons are often the periods of the year I get the most action. Probably because I am out a lot more, but I am also more charged and seek out adult play. One of my favourite times is Fetish Week. I wear my much-loved Locker Gear and attend most of the horny activities.  It is often a very international mix of hot men ready to play, what is not to love? For many this event might be a bit extreme and going out bringing your fisting gloves to an event is not for everybody. Luckily there are plenty of less “hardcore” events like London, Manchester, Leeds Pride and many more. Enough to keep you busy for the next few months. Where will you be strutting your stuff?

Get ready for Adult Action!

All these fun times bring with them a higher chance that you might meet someone to play with. In our store, we always see an increase in the sale of sex essentials, poppers, sexy wear and Kink products. To help you ensure you have plenty of money left to go to all the events we have a massive Pride sale on. Everything is discounted up to 50% off. From the most intense sex toys, underwear, lube, erection pills, to fetish wear, better-in-bed products and BDSM Gear, we have it all. This should allow you to get some more rounds in 🙂 All these parties are great, but they do not come cheap.  I nearly had a heart attack getting a round in at Mighty Hoopla.

Get it on Abroad   

Pride is everywhere so why not get your rocks off during an event abroad? Sitges has already had theirs, but Amsterdam, Berlin, and Madrid are all still to come. A great way to find out is on they have a comprehensive list of everything that is going on all over the world, a great resource!

Personally, I love getting it on abroad. For some reason, I behave more confidently. Maybe because no one knows me or it might just be that being away from home can also mean you are away from any stress or issues. Whatever it is I seem to approach men that I would normally think are out of my league and my “chat” is better and funnier. I even perform better in the bedroom have no inhibitions and do all the things I want. Just writing about it makes me want to go right now!

Whatever you do, enjoy!

Life is short and there are some fun and good times to be had. So, we hope you have a great Pride season. Be yourself, be kind, dance, laugh, eat, drink and have lots of adult play. Whether the play is with someone else or using a gay dildo on yourself. It all releases dopamine, providing your brain with feelings of pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. Feelings we can all do with from time to time.


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With love,

Team esmale!

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