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It’s May, hey, we’re in a ‘Pink Spring’ at PinkUk


In the UK, Spring is now finally appearing (how long did we have to wait?) we’ve emerged from the cold and dark months; warmer weather is finally starting to show its seasonal face; so, for UK residents it’s time to mark your diaries with fun things so what you can plan locally or around the world to enjoy the best of Pink life.

Who are we?: We’ve been around since 1999. PinkUk offers regularly updated listings on pride festivals on LGBTQ+ events. We believe we have the most comprehensive list of pride festivals that can be found anywhere online, currently with 1,050 listed in 53 countries for 2024, at the time of writing (May 2024).

In May, there’s a large sack of Pride festivals in the UK and around the world to consider.  At the time of writing, PinkUk has 98 pride festivals listed for May in 19 countries.


Then we have June, often known as ‘Pride Month’ in the US, and some other countries, which honours the ‘Stonewall Uprising’ of 28 June in 1969 in Manhattan’s Christopher Street.

What’s the background to Stonewall? In 1969 the New York police often victimised LGBTQ+ people who had only a few venues at the time where they could meet without risking their safety. LGBTQ+ people rose up in rebellion and changed the history of queer rights. Echoes were felt around the West which helped after many years of campaigning  to make a reality the rights which LGBTQ+ communities enjoy today in some parts of the world but not others.

In Germany, for example, many Pride festivals use a prefix ‘CSD’ (Christopher Street Day) – if you ever wondered why, that’s the main reason to recall the uprising in New York.

What else does PinkUk offer?

At PinkUk, we list three specialist groups for Bears, Lesbians and Trans people. These show you which prides are catered for and explain which venues offer a friendly place. Please let us know if you have a venue or pride that we don’t have listed.

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