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If you are like me and love a bit bum fun then this article might just give you some great ideas to take your anal play up a notch. Not just by getting some poppers UK but by really getting some ideas on products and different toy ranges. Working at esmale has given me so many opportunities to test toys. Even for a big bottom like myself, I found some toys that surprised me and it was not because of the size. So here are some of my findings.

Hit that spot!

As mentioned, I love a good stuffing, this used to be very much focused on the thrusting sensation. In-out, in-out, you know the drill. Then we got a delivery of new prostate massagers and a new anal butt plug range. I had not tried a prostate massager before. To be honest this was mainly because they often look small, and I was not sure it would provide me with any kind of pleasure.  My fellow toy tester encouraged me to give it a go as he has had amazing climaxes using these kinds of products. Well, let’s just say that I will forever be thankful to him. The trick with a P-spot massager is that you insert it and then place it next to your P-spot. You will feel it when you have found it. When you are there, switch on the vibrations and rotate it on the sport, this can often be done hands-free. I love the feeling and what is great is that your hands are free to handle your manhood or a bottle of room aromas, something I struggle with when I use a dildo. It took me a few attempts to get the technique correct but when I did it was pure pleasure.

This one made me weak in the knees!

Sometimes you just want to be stuffed and have a proper party in your bum. Wait no longer, check out this Rotating dildo . This one is 7.5 inches but there are bigger ones in store. This dildo has such a big rotation it made me weak in the knees. I could not take it to the highest rotation level, nor could I manage to thrust the dildo when it was rotating. I guess I can’t handle as much as I thought. For greedy bottoms, this is an amazing toy! It is not the cheapest of toys, but it is high quality and a premium product that will last and last.

Blow up your bum!

I fell into using inflatable toys after using the rotating dildo. I knew I could handle a bit more and was excited to find out how much more. Rather than keep buying bigger dildos I thought this might be a better investment. I really enjoyed them, and I managed to get stretched a bit which was what I was after. An inflatable can provide that full feeling and test the limits of what you can handle. I did find that for good thrusting action, not all inflatables are great, for this I would select the solid inflatable versions. As far as anal stretching toys are concerned, inflatables are an excellent option.

Stating the obvious

I am pretty sure that those who have read this article up till this point are not first-time bum fun lovers and this will be rather obvious, but I just want to stress that using good lube and having a douche before the action really increases the quality of the session. A good hybrid lube will stay wet longer than a water-based lube and requires less or no re-applying. Fist-it lube extra thick is one we recommend, the name sounds a bit hardcore but it is a very good long long-lasting lubricant. Having a good anal clean will ensure you can enjoy what you are doing without having to worry about messing up the sheets.

Hopefully, some of these pointers will encourage you to take your fun to the next level and find out all your pleasure spots. If you are anything like me, you will have a great time. I particularly enjoy some self-pleasure after a stressful day or when I am bored. It is a perfect way to take your mind off things and treat your body and mind to some enjoyment.

With love,

Ollie, from team

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