BKDR: Designed with cruising in mind!

A new web app has launched, with the goal of removing restrictions and allowing you to quickly get down to X-rated business. Check it out here!

BKDR is a map-based web app designed with cruising in mind. Its aim is summed up succinctly on its landing page with “CRUISE. CHAT. MEET UP”. It’s all about cutting out the endless back and forth, allowing you to find the people you’re looking for close by, and providing a way for you to get to the fun part faster.

BKDR is free to use, and because it’s not restricted by App store guidelines, you’re also free to show public XXX pics on your profile. There’s no censorship of nudity or hardcore play pics, meaning you can lead with your best assets or skills, whatever they may be.

No matter what your tastes are, you’re welcome on BKDR. Within the Turn-Ons section of your profile, you can choose from an extensive list of fetishes and kinks. From BDSM to watersports, lingerie to leather, you can state your interests and find like-minded guys who share them.

Most importantly for some of us, BKDR allows you to express your sexuality and gender however you identify. So, whether you’re gay, bi, pan, asexual, transmasc, transfemme, queer, intersex, androgynous, genderfluid or however else you might identify, you’ll find an option to tag yourself on your profile. Or, in fact, not tag yourself at all. As with all other profile options on BKDR, it’s entirely up to you what aspects of yourself you share.

As BKDR has a map-based interface, as soon as you login you can see who’s available around you and if they’re ready to play. They could be at home or at work, or if they happen to be in the bushes of a nearby park, drop them a message then go say hello. If they’re just using the public facilities down the road, be sure to drop in and say hi. It’s online cruising at its most accessible.

And did someone say “free”? Why yes, BKDR is entirely free to use, with no hidden costs or charges for extra features. All you need to do is login, create your profile, and you’re ready to go. Check it out now and visit BKDR here.

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