Swiss Navy silicone based lube – Finally a silicone based lube that doesn’t dribble down your leg…

It is a given that lubes and gay men go hand in hand! We all know what we like and we tend to stick to our trusted brand. We have spoken a lot about this at and we have decided it is our (my) duty to search the globe to find the best in all kinds of sex toys, and uncover what the best lubes on the market are today. In the next few weeks I will be publishing our findings

Swiss Navy is the expert in lubrication. If you have been following my other blogs you will soon realize I am a big fan, in fact I just can’t get enough! Designed by men especially for gay men, these unique formulas are specifically designed to enhance pleasure, whether you are flying solo or preparing for anal sex. This is a premium silicone based personal lubricant that guarantees long lasting lubrication. The unique gel formula ensures it stays where you put it, (finally a silicone based lube that doesn’t dribble down your leg).

Swiss Navy premium personal silicone lubricants were the first on my list of lubes to write about and my hands-on-research shows that they are setting the benchmark in today’s gay sex toy marketplace. This range of lubes includes the finest ingredients, all mixed into an advanced formula for exceptional glide and slickness.

Swiss Navy premium lubes come in a neat “leak proof” bottle with a convenient single-hand pump for easy use, this is perfect for all sexual activity requiring extra lubrication and less friction. This lube is so slippery I’d be surprised if you needed to reapply.

5 Reasons To Buy Swiss Navy Silicone Based Lube
– Long lasting lubricant with a sleek feel.
– Highest grade silicone on the market.
– Premium non-absorbable formula.
– Patented “leak proof” bottle design with locking pump.
– Single-hand pump for easy one-handed application.

Swiss Navy Silicone Based Lube

Swiss Navy Silicone Based Lube

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