The esmale guide to anal lube

Getting ready for anal sex or masturbation? Anal lubrication is a necessity and plenty of it! Anal lube is different from regular lube as it is made from a thicker consistency designed to help protect the sensitive skin and nerve endings of the anus. Apply liberally to yourself, your anal gay sex toys and your partner. If it’s going anywhere near anus, lather it in slick lube and you’ll feel the benefits. It’s not just a safety issue for the health of your sensitive anal tract; it’s also a pleasure thing. Almost all sex is enhanced with a good lube and by ensuring you avoid harsh friction, you’ll enjoy your anal sex experience much more.

Just like regular sexual lubes, anal lube comes in a variety of types – water-based, silicone based and oil based. Each has its benefits and are better for different types of anal sex.

Water-based anal lube

Water based anal lubes are best for anal sex toys such as butt plugs and beginners to anal sex. Water-based anal lubes are specially formulated to be thicker and longer-lasting than normal lubricants, but are still easy to wash away after use. Water-based anal lube tends to be the most popular choice as it is compatible with all gay sex toys and condoms.

Oil and silicone-based anal lube
For advanced players, we recommend using a silicone or oil-based lubricant.This can often allow you (your partner) to experience more sensation than water-based lube as it doesn’t need to be as thick, so there’s less cushioning and more sensation.

Silicone-based lubricants are condom friendly and won’t rot latex, so is completely condom friendly. Silicone lubricant shouldn’t be used with silicone gay sex toys so use an oil-based or water-based lube on your favourite silicone butt plug or dildo. Remember to be careful if using silicone or oil-based lubricants as they are often more slippery than water-based lube which can cause penetration to be deeper and faster than intended.

Desensitising lube should be used with caution. If you’re tackling a particularly large gay anal sex toy, a slick of desensitiser may help you relax, but if you need it for regular anal sex then there may be a bigger problem behind the pain. Remember that pain is your body telling you to stop so always exercise caution and listen to your body extra carefully when using any desensitising lubricants.

Benjamin Bradley promoting Swiss Navy lube

Benjamin Bradley promoting Swiss Navy lube

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