Get pumped! Penis Enlargement The Easy Surgery-Free Way

The team at ESMale is really getting stuck into the penis pump business. We’re in the process of searching the globe for the best penis pumps great for getting your penis to stand out from the crowd.

For those of you who have issues with the size of your manhood a penis pump will give you a bigger penis the easy, surgery- free way. Pumps come in all shapes and sizes but the instructions are mostly the same: simply slip your penis in, squeeze the rubber grip a few times, and you’ve got yourself a rock hard plump member. Release the valve grip to relieve pressure.

Last week I had the pleasure of using and reviewing the Doc Johnson P3 Penis Pump. First-up if you’re a beginner (or just curious) I totally recommend this model. The design is simple, efficient, and free of anything that looks likely to break or fracture. It doesn’t require batteries or power adapters. All in all this sex toy is pretty durable, and won’t encounter much wear and tear during use.

At first I started slowly, giving the pump a firm slow squeeze to climatise to the suction sensation then I squeezed the bulb faster and firmer (still aware of my pain threshold). Soon, my penis was fat and rock hard, lets be honest we all love that even if we’re flying solo.

It’s affordable but simplicity is also the major downside on this penis pump: it’s essentially the same as any other pump, aside from the Doc Johnson brand name and it did the job. Enlarging my penis that is! At first sight it may look like the ‘no thrills’ of penis pumps. It comes with no distinctive features.

I smothered my penis in Swiss Navy Lube and started to pump up my penis, as my penis got bigger it felt as if I was getting a hot blowjob. This toy is translucent and I really got off on watching myself.
As you pump the toy sucks like a real blowjob. You can change the intensity by adjusting the pump or valve respectively. Remember to use plenty of lube and clean up is simple just use warm soapy water, rinse and dry.

I would definitely recommend this Doc Johnson Penis Pump to anyone who either loves to pump it up then masturbate with a sex toy or for the beginner who would like to feel the benefits of both pump and masturbator without having to payout for both.

5 Reasons to buy a penis pump
• A durable yet comfortable penis pump for maximum size.
• Available at a great price and with beautiful styling.
• Use plenty of lube and this pump will wrap around your cock just like a mouth.
• More or less suction? You’re in total control.
• It’s a Doc Johnson penis pump.

Doc Johnson Penis Pump - Get a bigger penis

Doc Johnson Penis Pump

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