How to clean and store your butt plug (or any other gay anal toy for that matter)

I love playing with my butt plug, I pull it out of its secret hiding place as often as possible but cleanliness and hygiene is important after play to ensure they are kept in tip-top condition for the next time you are feeling horny. Cleaning sex toys is not like doing the washing the dishes, and although you can stick some toys in the dishwasher with your dirty plates cleaning your butt plug can be fun!

Below is the esmale guide to cleaning your butt plug to ensure it lasts forever.

Look at the butt plug or anal toy you are about to put up your bum. Your anus and rectum can be quite robust, if you’re a veteran anal player you will realise that your anus can stretch to fit even the largest butt plug (much practise needed) but you will also have realised how delicate your anus is too. So before using your butt plug or anal sex toy take the time to look over it and check there is no loose material or rough edges. At esmale we only pick the products that are made of the highest quality but it’s always good to check in case.

Don’t forget your lube!
Anal lube is a large part of anal play so make sure you choose the right one for what you have in mind. Silicone lubricants tend to be too thin for anal usage and can erode or damage silicone sex toys, so avoid them. Instead, try a thick water-based lube such as swiss navy water based lube or Liquid Silk. Lubes provide extra comfort and make insertion of the butt plug comfortable and enjoyable.

Take the pain away?
Make sure your body and mind is ready for anal play. Some people invest in desentising lube such as Pjur to take away some of the discomfort. We advise caution when using desensitising creams as they prevent you from realising you’ve reached your limits. Don’t forget to keep it clean make sure you use a douche or enema before using a butt plug or embarking on anal play.

Don’t forget to douche
Hygiene is really important when considering anal play. First and foremost make sure you wash your butt plug or anal sex toy before and after use. You may prefer to use a condom over the sex toy to help stop bacteria building up in any textured areas.

To make sure your anal sex toys are super clean; take a look at our advice:
• Spray your butt plug or anal sex toy with Swiss Navy sex toy cleaner.
• Rub thoroughly with a damp cloth or tissue, concentrating on any textured areas around the butt plug.
• Run your butt plug or anal sex toy under warm water for up to 3 minutes, making sure all areas of the plug are immersed in clean water.
• Spray again with Swiss Navy sex toy cleaner and rub the liquid in using a damp cloth or tissue.
• Pat dry with a soft, clean cloth then store in a dry and dust-free environment.

How to clean your butt plug

Butt Plug

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