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I am happy with the size of my jewels, so I have never really thought about penis pumps or penis exercises. A friend of mine mentioned he uses penis pumps to relax with and have a little play, which to be honest is not something I thought penis pumps were for. So I had a good look to see which ones I wanted to try, and the final choice was between the following two penis pumps.

Penis Pumps, Bathmate, Penis Exercises


With a great success rate, Bathmate Penis Pumps are deemed one of the most effective penis pumps on the market. Regular use of this discreet and convenient hydraulic pump can increase your penis size. It can also make your penis thicker. Goals like this can also be achieved by penis exercises.

MaxMedix Penis Pumps, penis exercises


Unlike penis pumps of old, the MaxMedix penis pumps are designed to boost several elements of sexual performance. Many users of these penis pumps have been able to enjoy a larger penis, stronger erections and much more control over their ejaculation. It is almost like penis exercises. These penis pumps include a special vibrating feature. This feature can help you to get more satisfying ejaculations. So grow whilst having fun, just what we like!

Out of the two penis pumps, I in the end went for the Bathmate. It was the bath scenario that swung it for me. The experience was really nice. I had a slow start, as I focussed more on the chilling, than anything else. The bath was nice and hot and I was more in the mood for a little snooze, than penis exercises or using penis pumps. After a little stroke of the jewels, I got myself more in the mood for some play and the whole session lasted off and on for about 45 minutes, and I had a great orgasm at the end. It was indeed a very relaxing time, brilliant! So whilst I was increasing the strength of my manhood I was actually having a lovely time.

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