Jockstrap, love to wear it!

What about the jockstrap, do you love or hate it?

I can imagine that many a gay has to think once or twice before putting on a jockstrap. It is rather revealing and can we pull it off! In my opinion, most people can. You do not have to have the perfect bum to wear a jockstrap.

Wearing a jockstrap shows a certain confidence and attitude, that for many gay men is attractive on its own!

There are so many different types of jockstraps, that we will have plenty of blogs on esmale dedicated to the jockstrap. Here are 4 visual reasons why we like the jockstrap.

Jockstrap from Rufskin

Jockstrap from CK

Jockstrap from Bike

Jockstrap frm Rufskin










I hope you agree that the above images are all worth the jockstrap. It does give you so much more to look at.

Plenty of guys wear them for sport usage, which is very practical. Rafael Nadal could use one, as he seems to forever try to pick his underwear from between his cheeks.

The jockstrap does these days also have a gay association, and looking at the images above that is not really a surprise. They are becoming more and more fashionable. This has lead to a surge of new brands and a higher quality product. Look at the jockstrap range from Rufskin. It seems more about the look than the practical use. The jockstrap was initially designed to keep your equipment close to the body whilst exercising. Plenty of brands incorporate the practical use of the jockstrap and also make it look fashionable. Barcode and Bike are two of my preferred brands. I must say that the way Rufskin is presenting their new range makes me want to certainly try them out. Good job boys!

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