My new best mate and his name is Swiss Navy

As a gay guy there is no shortage of water based lubes ‘guaranteed’ to help us get off. Each brand offers a vast array of viscosity, types and even flavors! But no self-respecting gay man should be caught short without a bottle Swiss Navy water based lube.

If you have read my toy reviews you know that I am a water based lube kind of guy. Swiss Navy’s water formula means it is great for all toys. Unlike other water-based lubes, Swiss Navy is super slick and stays wetter for longer. There is nothing worse than having to stop mid-session to re-apply lube so take my word for it I know from experience it actually out performs most other water-based lubes. Its special formula doesn’t dry out as quick so you don’t need to re-apply as often.

This lube gets bonus points as it is easy to clean up, soap and water does the trick and the pump bottle is easy to use. If I had one problem to report, it would be that after getting my hands messy it becomes almost impossible to press the pump on the bottle. While it is a little frustrating this is a long lasting lube and a little goes a long way so it is unlikely you will need to re-apply, and in my opinion Swiss Navy ranks very high for me in the vast universe of water-based lubes.

Most guys I have spoken to use this lube to enhance the sensitivity anal play without it being a pain in the ass (pun intended). With the help of Swiss Navy, your penis will stay slippery wet and keep the action going for longer.

5 Reasons to buy Swiss Navy water based lube

  1. Swiss Navy will keep your will wetter for longer
  2. Premium, non-staining for quick and easy cleanup
  3. More compatible with gay sex toys
  4. Specially designed pump “leak proof” bottle
  5. One dollop is enough.
Swiss Navy Water Based Lube is great for gay sex toys

Swiss Navy Water Based Lube available in four different sizes

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