Giving head just got better! Swiss Navy flavoured lube.

If like me you enjoy going down on your man but don’t like the 15-minute workout to get him to blow his load? Swiss Navy flavoured lube will help you through the long haul! Whether it’s solo or increased pleasure when you’re with your partner Swiss navy flavoured lube will bring a whole new flavour to your love-making. Swiss Navy has introduced a new range of flavoured lubes designed to help satisfy, excite and bring a new level of sexual gratification.

Use lots of Swiss Navy flavoured lube to get your man rock hard and ready for action, gently kiss and lick his penis and put your mouth around his cock and get down to business with your favourite blowjob technique. While sucking him off, gently squeeze his penis between your thumb and index finger in an up-down movement stroke his penis shaft.
I’ve been looking for some flavoured lube for a while, trying to avoid the very strong, artificial flavours that make your man’s knob taste like candy floss! They just make you feel sick like and as a result take away from the pleasure of oral sex, there is nothing worse than the grimace on your partners face as you gip! However, Swiss Navy has got the balance right with their latest range of flavoured lubes, after testing the taste I can report that the taste is somewhat mild and amazingly enhanced my natural taste buds rather than sugar coating my gob in preservatives.
Swiss Navy flavoured lubes come in a range of exciting flavours from ‘Strawberry Kiwi’, ‘Passion Fruit’, Pina Colada and my personal favourite ‘Wild Cherry’, but all of which are super. It’s great for hand-jobs too just because the smell is great.

Importantly Swiss Navy falavoured lubes don’t contain any ingredients that might cause a nasty infection, this makes it more appealing. It was specially designed with orgasms in mind so not only does it smell delicious it is safe to use around your delicate parts.
If you can’t decide which flavour to try first, I’d suggest the Wild Cherry (obviously it depends on your taste, but from my experience of two of the flavours, Wild Cherry tastes and smells the nicest). These lubes do not cover up your natural taste, but enhance it (just like adding a mixer to your favourite drink) they are not over powering is a long-lasting lube; you’ll soon realize that a little bit of Swiss Navy goes along way.
The bottles are a smaller than the other Swiss Navy, perfect for those naughty weekends away, but like I said earlier you’ll find you won’t need to use quite as much of this lube at a time than with some other lubes.
All in all this gets the thumbs up from the team at esmale.

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Swiss Navy Flavoured Lube

Swiss Navy Flavoured Lube

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