Esmale’s five-point Plan To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Penis Pump

So, you have bought a penis pump and have read the instructions now you can’t wait to try it out. But first take a look at Esmale’s five-point plan designed to help you get the most from your penis pump!

We have already established penis pumps will give you that hard monster erection you always desired. But first whether you are using a penis pump to increase the size of your penis, maintain and prolong your erections or as a masturbator. We can help you get the most out of your penis pump.

1 – On your marks, get set… but before you go!
Don’t forget to warm-up! gently massage and masturbate your penis before pumping begins. Keep it limp but get the blood circulating.

Grooming will help make your penis pumping session much more worthwhile. Shaving the pubic hairs at the base of your penis will help create a tighter seal between the base of your shaft and the penis pump cylinder.

Don’t forget your lube! Combining the pump with a generous amount of lubricant, such as Swiss Navy lube, the tight suction will create an amazing blowjob sensation.

Read the instructions included with your penis pump and practise using the quick release valve before you begin pumping so that you can pump with confidence.

2 – Start slow to begin with
Avoid going in guns blazing, start by applying minimal pressure when using this toy for the first time, and as a general rule release the pressure and remove your penis from the pump cylinder after no longer than 10 minutes. Once you have got used to using your penis pump you be able to increase the pump pressure and the amount of time you work your penis for. Always stop if you experience pain.

Penis pumps are perfect for use as sexual foreplay with a partner, so practise using this toy together, leaving you hands free to put your energies elsewhere. We’ve even heard of couples using the pump after sex! Now that’s what we call dedication.

3 – Sleeves will increase sensation and stimulation
If you are using your penis pump as a masturbation toy, take a look at the ribbed sleeves available designed to increase sensation and stimulation. Knobbly, prickled, ribbed or smooth sleeves pick one to suite your mood.

4 – Pump and play
If you’re using the penis pump with a partner, explore your anus, nipples and scrotum with your free hands. If you really want to use a butt plug or anal dildo at the same time as your penis pump. Prostate stimulation on top of masturbation stimulation will drive you wild! To begin with, check out the smaller butt plugs or even the Aneros Prostate Massager.

5 – A Vibrating Penis Pump For Extra Fun
If you want to make your cock bigger and your erections harder while enjoying the sensation of a vibrator, invest in a vibrating penis pump. Vibrating pumps tend to have a vibrating penis head tickler. Now there’s no need to ask your partner to tickle your pickle, now you can do it yourself.

Esmale's 5 point plan to help you use your penis pump

Esmale's 5 point plan when using a penis pump

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