Fleshjack – which type is right for!

In a previous article about the Fleshjack, we highlighted how to size up the right Fleshjack for you, and which internal texture would be best to satisfy your particular needs, based on your penis shape and size. To give a rundown of each Fleshjack type, there now follows a brief description of each:











  • Original

This is the first Fleshjack to hit the market and has a canal of ¾ inches (19mm) diameter and an untextured smooth inner. It’s quite a liberal size,so is perfect for well-endowed or uncircumcised men. Some men who have vigorously masturbated with their hand and have de-sensitised their penis, find this perfect to reintroduce some penis sensitivity.

  • Speed Bump

This flavor of Fleshjack is more intense than the Wonder Wave, but less intense than the Super Ribbed. It has a ½ inch (13mm) canal with a repeating pattern of small bumps, evenly spaced which gently massage your penis as you glide it in and out. Always remember to use plenty of lube (e.g Liquid Silk) for a smoother sensation. This is one of the tightest of the sleeves.

  • Endurance Jack

The newest addition to the Fleshjack family, this was designed to closely as possible, replicate the feeling of intercourse. It has a ½ inch canal and the internal structure of the Fleshjack has a smooth pillow-like texture which gently massages your penis as you masturbate. The Endurance Jack has been described as having ‘little fingers’ that gentle tickle your penis and can be incredibly intense.

  • Super Ribbed

This is about as intense as it can get! It has a ½ inch diameter canal and has a great texture for maximum and total stimulation. The sleeve is packed with soft ribs to keep your penis constantly stimulated! Fabulous!

  • Super Tight

This smooth, untextured, ½ inch diameter gives the user a truly real feel. Whilst the diameter is the same as the Speed Bump, Wonder Wave and Super Ribbed, the canal diameter is the same all the way down to give a truly intense and realistic simulation of anal sex.

  • Ultra Tight

Similar to the Super tight but with a canal diameter of ¼ inch (10mm) and has an untextured canal. Design for guys who want an ultra-tight sensation or for guys with a below average girth. Fleshjack truly delivers something for everyone!

  • Wonder Wave

This is certainly a crowd pleasure. It has a ½ inch canal diameter and has a textured inner with rings spaced approx. ½ inch along its length. This Fleshjack will send stimulating waves along your penis as you glide it in and out of the Fleshjack.


  • Vortex


This new sleeve from Fleshjack features a variation of diameters along its length, designed to bring you a greater dizzying pleasure. The combination of suction, texture and squeeze is guaranteed to bring you to a truly memorable climax!

I hope this has been of benefit to you in selecting which Fleshjack is right for you.

You’ll have fun and enjoyment with the Fleshjack product range, which will soon be available at esmale.com and will form a small part of our great gay sex toys range.

We want to hear from you! Get in touch and let us know what your favourite Fleshjack products are and what we should stock. If you have any suggestions or recommendations please e-mail us at info@esmale.com


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