Aneros lube – smooth, silky and easy to use!

Lube is always part of my gay sex toys selection, but I must say that they can be difficult to apply sometimes. I mainly dislike it when they have screw tops. Liquid Silk lube has a good solution for it, and now that I have discovered Aneros lube, they too are great to use!

Aneros Lube








The Aneros Marksman lube shooters are ideal for use with your Aneros gay sex toys or any other type of gay sex toys.

What often happens when using lube, is using too much lube or too little lube during a session with your man or gay sex toys. The Marksman lube shooters take the guesswork out of the picture – one session needs only one shooter. How clever is that!

A shooter comes pre-filled with 5 ml of a greatly formulated water-based lube and is very easy to use. The Marksman lube has a long-lasting, latex safe formula that is glycerin and fragrance-free. Six applicators per box, so enough for a few sessions with all your gay sex toys!

Aneros - Lube applictor can also be used with Liquid Silk or other Lube







Aneros also has the very easy to use 5ml lube applicator syringe, for inserting lube internally. The applicator can also be used with Liquid Silk or other lubes. Although not strictly necessary, most Aneros and gay sex toys users agree that this is the best way to insure proper internal lubrication to make anal play most pleasurable. However, this syringe should be used with water-based lube only. Silicone or oil-based lube can reduce the effectiveness of the applicator.

How to use the Aneros Lube applicator:
1) Attach the white extension tip to the clear, calibrated syringe.
2) Draw lube into the syringe or pour lube in from the top.
3) “Lube up” the tip of the Aneros applicator extension, and steadily insert into the rectum.
4) Press the plunger to expel the lube, and gently remove the Aneros applicator tip.
5) Now, get some lube on the head and body of the Aneros Massager or any gay sex toys you are using and insert into the rectum. Enjoy!


You see, using lube can be very easy thanks to brands such as Aneros and Liquid Silk.


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