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I have not always been a fan of anal toys, but I have been turned. I was brutally done by a guy wearing a cock sheath and I seriously lost all sense of life on earth. I was in heaven being rogered by my new buddy.

I had been on a night out and went to his house after his chat up lines worked on me. Mind you, if you are good looking you do not need much of a line, I am generally pretty available, ooops 🙂

Anyway, through the door and straight to the bedroom were we got “stuck in” without taking a breath. His manhood was nice but it seemed he was slightly to much under the influence to get it rock hard and he slipped on a big fat cock sheath.

I wasn’t not sure if these are anal toys or cock toys. He lubed me up and started banging away. The great thing is that it feels amazing and he went on for, what felt like, hours. It was so intense and he loved it as well. He threw me in a million various positions and pounded me left, right and center. It was so extremely horny it took only the slightest touch for my boner to fully explode all over us. I shot my own cum in my face which made us laughed and he kindly licked it all up.

I have since worn a cock sheath with another buddy and topping someone with it feels great. When I wear it I feel like more of an “animal” if you know what I mean. I become all “take this you bitch” which, sometimes, is simply great!

I got mine at, have a look, it’s deffo worth it!

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