Packing Lockdown Piccies!

After a recent look at some cheeky piccies for lockdown (at this post) which offered plenty for the tops to get all flustered over, today it’s pics (and vids!) of guys that are packing – perfect for the hungry bottoms or just those of us who fancy a mouthful!

Let us know what you think. Obviously we have to keep them relatively clean, so no full on cock shots, but there’s enough to get your imagination going, along with that right hand of yours! If the still images don’t do it, then the moving ones should do the trick!

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Chris Hatton

Chris Hatton

Francesco Della Vedova

Francesco Della Vedova

Kyle Hynick

Patrick Leblanc

Seth Holbrook

Seth Holbrook

Shane Crommer

Let us know which picture you like the most and recommend some more hot profiles for us to follow!

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