Intense orgasms with Fleshjack Masturbators.

Who does not love a good orgasm? There are many ways to get yourself off big time. From anal play, masturbation to some intense fetish practices. Sometimes helped with a nice strong bottle of poppers but with a Fleshjack, we doubt you need poppers for extra intensity! The new generation of these masturbators has set the bar for the competition. Let’s have a look at what they are offering.   

Super suction!

One of the more intense elements of being orally pleasured is suction. This is where the Fleshjack wanking tools shine bright. Most of them have a screw cap at the bottom which sets the level of suction you want. The tighter the cap is screwed the stronger the suction and trust me, most won’t last long with the cap fully closed. Personally, to avoid being done within seconds I like to start with a loose cap and gradually build up the super suction and finish the final few strokes with the cap closed if I last long enough. I am a bit of a deviant and greedy fukker so whilst I am treating my manhood to some serious loving I often have a vibrating anal butt plug up my bum for even more stimulation. This might not be for everyone but I love it. Anyway, enough of my slutty side, let’s have a look at some other reasons why the gay Fleshlight range is superior.   

Texture and Materials.

In addition to the super suction, the masturbators provide the Fleshjack collection and also have put a lot of time and money into developing the textures and materials of the sleeves with the cast. They have done their level best to make sure the sleeve has a real-feel element to it, and they have come very close. They have developed their own Superskin material which is pretty sensational. Nothing will be 100% the same as the real deal but here is the thing. Especially when it comes to the ones that emulate anal penetration, these can actually feel better and tighter than when you are penetrating someone. What makes “live-action” better is the fact that there is another person involved and the connection and sexual lust plus tension is massively increased when having man-on-man action. This heightens the sensations and makes the experience more satisfactory. It is more emotional with more sexual sensations that are being met. If you take all the emotion out of it a Fleshjack can feel better, purely on a texture and tightness level. Still, nothing beats passionate playtime with a hot man.  Tip: don’t forget to use some good anal lube. I am suggesting anal lube as it often lasts longer than your standard water-based lube. This is because it often has a little silicone in it increasing longevity.  

So much to choose from.

Within the Fleshjack range, there is great variety. The most popular ones are the smaller Flight and GO Torque versions. Another buying decision that often comes into play is the models on which the products are based. They have used porn stars to mould some of the masturbators. This will give you a chance to increase your fantasy when you use them. In addition to wanking tools, they have also moulded a Fleshjack dildo range so you can be mounted by the likes of Max Konner, Allen King, Brent Corrigan and many more. Based on feedback and sales figures the Brent Corrigan Dildo seem to be the most popular. I too can see myself playing with his manhood, I might need some room aromas to take the whole thing but in he will go 🙂

Extra information.

Some handy things to know is that the sleeves are also available separately. This means you can change textures which is great. The Fleshjack products are long-lasting and easy to clean. The case can be cleaned with warm water and soap. For the sleeve run some hot water through it to remove any lube and fluids Do not use soap for the sleeve as that might damage the Superskin material.

Why not try it out yourself? Go to our store, details below, and find the Fleshjack that speaks to your imagination the most. We are confident you will love the experience and have many amazing orgasms!

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Have an amazing time.

With love

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