NEW Perfect Fit Hollow Butt Plug fills even the deepest of holes

Perfect Fit Double Tunnel Hollow Butt PlugWe always get a warm fuzzy feeling when new stock arrives at the office and the latest range of butt plugs from Perfect Fit is no exception. Tried and tested by the boys at esmale HQ – here’s what they had to say!

This butt plug features a hollow tunnel through the centre making it perfect for lube insertion, fingers and ‘watersports’.

“Call yourself a PIG… this is for you!

I’m lucky to have a partner who likes to experiment with toys as much as I do; We both agreed that we needed something a little more in the way of anal action.

In the past we have worked our way up from the small Doc Johnson butt plug then on to the medium size butt plug and now decided to look for something a bit bigger. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no expert when it comes to anal play but this butt plug just wasn’t doing it for me any more.

So we looked around and found the Perfect Fit Tunnel Medium butt plug to try. Thank for esmale and their fast, secure, discreet day delivery!

It’s super sleek and the Double Tunnel Plug features two butt plugs in one sleek design; It’s rippled shape and tapered at the base so you can take it in full length and it will just sit there, being gripped quite happily. A lot bigger than the Doc Johnson butt plug. It is large enough girth wise to make you feel full but small enough to be inserted without feeling like you’re being stretched to oblivion.

First time it took a lot of lube and a few go’s but once in it felt sensational.

What makes this butt plug so special is the hollow tunnel through the centre making it perfect for lube insertion, fingers and ‘watersports’. This is perfect for guys into ass play.

Check out the full range of Perfect Fit sex toys available at esmale.

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