Don’t be a cheap ass and simply squeeze an evian bottle up your arse!

You’ve heard us say ‘Don’t treat em mean keep it clean!’ and we mean it. An anal douche is the must-have accessory for all lovers of anal toys and bottoms.


For those of you who have never used one we have put together a few helpful tips to help.

1. First give your douche an initial rinse and spritz with a little Toy Cleaner if necessary just to make sure it`s clean.

2. Fill the douche bulb up with warm water either by removing the tip and running it directly under the tap or by squeezing the bulb then immersing it in a bowl of water the suction effect will draw the water into the bulb.

3. Don’t forget to lubricate the end of the douche and the opening of the anus then gently insert the tip. We advise doing this over the toilet as the angle allows for easy insertion and keeps the whole process clean and hygienic.

4. Once inserted press the bulb of the douche which will result in the water being dispensed into the rectum. It will gently clean you removing any waste material from the lower part of the passage.

5. Remove the douche gently then use your rectal muscles to push the water out dispensing of the water in the toilet.

6. Repeat this several times until the water that you are ejecting runs clear.

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