Anal Beads and Balls

Anal BeadsAnal beads are smooth and spherical apply a generous amount of lube and these anal toys are easy to insert and intimidating and can turn an orgasm into something extra special.

For those of you looking to get the most out of your anal beads take note of these simple pointers.


Apply lots of lube to your anal beads and bottom. Remember, that not all anal toys are compatible with silicone lube. We recommend a thick waterbased lubricant such as Liquid Silk or Maximus Anal Lube.

2. On Your Marks…

Make sure you are lying comfortably and start by pushing the first bead or ball inside you. Before pressing the next ball allow your body to get used to the sensation.

3. Get Set …

When you feel ready, start to gently push another bead or ball inside your anus. Top Tip: You might find it helpful to use one hand to keep your anus spread!

4. Go…

Once you reach the final bead, you should be feeling ‘satisfyingly full’ and stretched out. At the point of orgasm try pulling the beads!

If you decide to pull them out at the point of orgasm start pulling just before the orgasm hits (and take it easy)!

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