Anal rhythm!

Anal beads

Anal beads rock!

Anal pleasure is some of the best pleasure I enjoy and with this in mind I was totally excited to unpack my new anal beads the other day!

For me anal stimulation, whether it is by anal toys or a real person has a great intensity. You can really get lost in the moment and into yourself.

I am a total sex-oholic and have my moments of what I love best,  I can go weeks without anal loving and then I will have a period I need “seeing to” everyday…..honestly!  I have no idea what part of my mind dictates what its want….all I know is that when it wants it, it NEEDS it!

When I am having some of the bigger anal cravings I like to use anal beads, by myself or someone else, it does not matter, I love it! What I find so special is that there is a level of surprise, the popping of the beads opening and closing your anus make anal beads more intense then lets say an anal dildo. There are plenty of different types of anal beads but my new one vibrates so it like 3D anal sex, I will be screaming the house down soon, bring it!!!

With love!

If you want to share your experiences please do so via and we will do the rest!

anal beads are amazing

Anal beads, boom boom pow!



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