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Our great range of anal vibrators is designed for the gay guy who wants something a little more substantial to satisfy their anal toys needs!

The range of anal vibrators at esmale have been carefully selected to provide plenty of fun for your bum. Anal vibrators have a flared base for easy retrieval, but the base also doubles up as a handy grip to control thrusts and depth. Most importantly they have tapered heads for easy insertion and a textured or beaded finish that will get you off!

Most commonly guys use anal vibrators during masturbation to add an extra level of stimulation but anal vibrators can be used as foreplay before anal sex; using a vibrator will help relax your sphincter muscles, making anal sex and penetration less painful and much easier. For the more experienced anal player, you can find your favourite anal toy be that a butt plug, gay dildo or anal beads – in a vibrating form too!

Our range of anal vibrators provides powerful waves of vibrations and a deep, satisfying feeling of penetration, take a look at the bestselling BASIX 8 inch vibrator that at first glance looks just like a realistic gay dildo, but simply flick the switch on the multi-speed controller and this long, thick length of pleasure will have you jumping for joy with strong and intense vibrations.

Beginners to anal vibes should start off with something small like the metallic coloured vibrator. This anal vibrator provides six inches of realistically contoured, powerfully vibrating anal toy! Back by popular demand this vibrator is great for both internal and external stimulation, you’ll love the look and feel of this sensation packed anal vibrator.

Safe, fun to use and available in a kaleidoscope of metallic colours, this vibrator is made of the most luxurious material that manages to be both firm and flexible, this vibrator really is unique! These flexible, squishy anal vibrators are made from the classic sex toy material PVC/Vinyl/Jelly.

For those of you looking for a little bit more from your anal vibe, there’s the Toy Joy Star Twinkler with a vibrating beaded shaft designed to massage your inner anal walls and muscles.

But whatever anal vibrator you choose, don’t forget to invest in a thick and silky anal lube that is safe to use with your gay sex toys. We recommend Maximus Anal Lubricant, ID Glide or Swiss Navy Lubricant.

Apply a generous amount of lube to your anal vibrator and anus then lie back in a comfortable position or position yourself on your hands and knees and slowly insert the anal vibe. If this is your first-time using an anal toy take it slowly, inserting a small bit at a time to begin with, and stop if you feel any discomfort.

Visit esmale to view the full range of anal vibrators available. You’ll find a variety of materials, styles, shapes and sizes, so you’ll have just as much fun tracking down your anal vibe, as you will use it.

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