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What do you think abut sex with strangers? I am a huge fan! Nothing more exiting then not knowing what is going to happen next, you might not always like what they are into but giving into the unknown is exciting!

I was on the train the other day and just minding my own business. Jack Johnson was singing to me and was reading the final installment of the Jake and Edward battle. I am totally team Jake, he is hotter.

Anyway it was late on the train and it was practically empty apart for this guy that was sitting not far from me. I noticed that his head was kinda rocking and soon I saw he was actually using some gay toys to get him off!

Can you imagine the nerve of this guy, using some wanking tool on the train. It might have been busy but still. He saw me looking and hinted me over. Well you do not have to do that twice, if I sniff action then I am there.

Within seconds my mouth was replacing the gay toys he was using and I was sucking him so hard he started to make very horny noises and before I knew it his load was all over my face. Delicious salted cum from a complete stranger, perfect diner for one!

With cum dribbling all over me I went back to my seat and grinned about my very fave experience with a stranger. Hot or what?

With love!

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