Bruised, battered and shattered!

Ever since I have discovered the use of gay toys my sex life is seriously knackering! Really, I can no longer just have a wank. I need to use a Fleshjack or strap myself in some horny Oxballs construction. I do these things because it make the sessions so much better but how much more love and lust can my body take.

Luckily I have a sex buddy and last week I used my gay toys selection on him. I do believe that he still has difficulties walking.

From the esmale store I bought the 12” big dildo and I really went to town on him with this. I don’t really know my sex buddy that well. We hook up, have sex and that is it. Normally we meet at his place but this time he came to mine where I house my collection of love tools. We were ‘at it” and I could feel that he was in a greedy bottom mood so I got the big boy out and his eye broke out in show of panic and lust at the same time.

I fucked him first for some time before I tied him to the bed with his head in the pillow, lubed him up and plowed the 12 inch dildo all the way down his hungry hole. He screamed like a little girl to start with but soon he was loving it so much that he was almost in tears of joy and lust, very hot!

Really enjoyed that this time, it was not me that was all bruised by the use of gay toys. I must admit though, next time I want a piece of the big boy and see how it “sits” with me 🙂

Laters x

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