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Let’s face it the majority of us have suffered from erection problems at some point in our lives, but there really is no need to panic our Oxballs range of cock rings and ball stretchers are specially designed to keep you rock hard for longer.

We feel it’s our duty to help make sex a fun and enjoyable experience. At the same time we hear from a lot of men who fall victim to the pressure and expectations of not being able to perform in bed.

We have put our heads together to write this blog featuring just a few of our bestselling Oxballs toys to help you out of a tricky situation.

Oxballs Cock Rings

The bestselling Oxballs range of cock rings not only works to increase sexual stamina and maintain that hard erection you want, they look super hot! Oxballs provide some unbelievable sensations for both you and your partner. They work by reducing the blood flow away from the penis so it becomes enlarged, and feels harder for longer. You can view the full range of Oxballs at esmale here.

We recommend:
Oxballs Powerballs Super Stretch Cock Ring available in a variety of colours. Made from Oxball’s exclusive TECH-TPR rubber this cock ring has more stretch than most other brands.

The two “balls” on the cock ring, positioned under your nut sack, keeps the pressure off your prostate, or flip it around so the balls are on top of your penis the extra pressure right over all the feeder veins on your dick will help keep you extra hard.

Simply apply some lube to the inside of the ring and slide the cock ring down over your erect penis until it sits firmly against the base of your penis. This will trap the blood giving you a bigger erection that can be maintained until you take off the cock ring.

Oxballs Ball Stretchers

Ball stretchers are often associated with fetish enthusiasts but this is one of bondage’s best kept secrets. Ball stretchers are proven to prevent premature ejaculation A cock strap or ball stretcher is different to a cock ring in that it specifically works on the testicles. As you approach orgasm, your testicles naturally rise. Wearing a ball stretchers around the scrotum stops the testicles rising and therefore delaying ejaculation until you’re ready to explode.

We recommend:
The Oxballs Stacker Ball Stretcher is an inch tall but tight enough to grip your testicles, so one size fits most. This range of ball stretchers have been designed to look like a cog that offers a good grip no matter how messy your hands or testicles are.

This versatile cock toy doubles up as a cock ring too. For those looking for a tighter tighter grip cock ring, the Stacker ball stretcher is thick enough and offers plenty of stretch to fit over your penis and testicles.

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