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Liquid Silk is one of the few personal lubricants on the gay sex toy market that can be used for more than just gay sex toys and butt plugs. It can also be used as a sensual massage oil during foreplay (contains skin conditioners and vitamin E, and therefore it keeps your intimate areas well cared for and moisturised), lubricating latex condoms, the insertion of rectal thermometers, douche and enema nozzles. Ultimately, it’s perfect for use with your favourite gay sex toy or anal sex.

I love its silky feel, unlike some lubes it doesn’t dry up and leave a snail like residue all over you, and since this is a water-based lube, it’s safe to use with any condom or sex toy, and there won’t be any messy stains on the bed if you accidentally spill some. Plus, you only need to apply a small amount of lube to do a great job.

Available in a number of sizes and multi packs we love the pump action head. Liquid Silk have come up with a simple but effective packaging so no matter how messy you get simply press the lever to apply more! And it’s small enough to be discreet but contains a generous amout of lube.

Liquid Silk Lube is silky and light compared to some lubes. It mimics and simulates the body’s natural fluids so you don’t feel sticky and gross after you have anal sex. It is safe for condom use as well as being approved for other medical uses and is recommended by many doctors and health organizations everywhere and is great for all of you sensitive skinned folks. Water based, it is very easy to clean off with just water. It’s colorless, odorless and non-staining which is a good thing for you messy ones (no incriminating evidence). So just lube up and masturbate, shag or suck away.

3 Reasons To buy Liquid Silk lube
Available in a bunch of sizes.
Versatile use (everyone loves versatility).
Great for anyone who likes a thinner layer of lube.

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Liquid Silk lube

Liquid Silk lube

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