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Lube can play such a great part in feeling confident in the bedroom. I think the main reason is that lube can really ease the pain and let you enjoy the play that is happening behind you. So you better lube up before you get up.

Tenga lube real lotion

Tenga lube wild lotion


On our blog site we keep getting great feedback from people about the usage of lube, and also many questions. Can we use certain lube with gay toys? and many other questions. To get all your questions answered, please have a good read of the site!

One of the latest lube products we hear a lot about, is the lube selection in the images from Tenga. The gay sex toys from Tenga, including this lube, seem to be popping up everywhere, good job boys!

Another lube that seems to be loved, is Liquid Silk. We have written so much about this lube that I am running out of things to say! If you have not tried it yet, you are most likely the only one. Go get some!

Now for Swiss Navy. With a name like that I thought they would be doing gay sex toys as well, but at the moment their focus is very much on lube. The fact that they are focussed on lube shows great product, great variety and very high quality. They actually don’t need gay sex toys to big up their brand. I believe their marketing is great to. Look at the image below. This guy is hot, and I would not mind at all using my gay sex toys and lube in him, caramba!!

Swiss Navy lube, gay sex toys



So these are the lube brands we get the most feedback on so far. What have we missed? Is there a lube you need us to try? Let us know and we will!

The same goes for any gay sex toys. We are here to share our experiences with you, so that you can learn from our reviews and only buy the stuff you know will get you off.

We send out newsletters with great offers and promotions. You can sign up and we will add you to our database. This way you will always be fully stocked on lube and fully loaded with the best gay sex toys!

We are passionate about you getting the most out of your bedroom fun!

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