Get your Rocks Off with our great range of prostate massagers

Hit your P-spot perfectly every time with our great range of Aneros and Rocks Off prostate massagers at esmale. We have something for everyone, from small vibes for first-time anal play to more challenging big vibrators for people who have more experience (and know how much fun you can have with your bum). Check out the full range of prostate massagers at esmale.

Aneros SGX Prostate Massager

Aneros SGX Prostate Massager

We have something for everyone, from the best selling Aneros SGX for first-time p-spot play to the more challenging Rocks Off Bad Boy prostate massager designed for people who have more experience when it comes to gay sex toys and prostate massagers.

The latest range of prostate massagers from Rocks Off is the gay sex toy for guys who want to take prostate play it to the next level. Start off with the Cheeky Boy prostate massager, work your way up to the Big Boy prostate massager, and take it even further with the Butt Boy. View the full range of prostate massagers in stock at esmale.

Only the best for you
A great range of prostate massagers would not be complete without Aneros. The guys at Aneros have medical research behind their bestselling patented prostate massagers. Their prostate massagers have been specially created to stimulate the prostate gland and promote overall prostate health. Oh, and they guarantee incredible full body orgasms too!

Hands-free fun!

Big boy prostate massager

Big boy prostate massager

What makes your prostate massager truly unique is that it is a hands-free, self-propelled device. Once inserted, rocking back and forth it converts the sphincter’s natural motions and contractions directly into stimulation of the prostate and perineum, leaving you hands free to concentrate on more important things (cock in hand etc, etc).

Be patient
Many people find that in order to have an orgasm with the Aneros, or rocks off prostate massager they have to train their body to respond appropriately so they will spend time masturbating whilst using it to generate natural contractions in the pelvic floor and to encourage a climactic response.

Curious? We recommend the Aneros SGX Prostate Massager
The Aneros SGX prostate Massager is the smallest in the Aneros family. It features the same ergonomical shape as the MGX but is a lot smaller, the smooth, slim head and gently graduated shaft is great for those who are looking to explore the pleasures of prostate play or anal sex and is perfect for the more experienced players too.

Choose a water based lubricant
Your Aneros male G-spot toy or Rocks Off Prostate Massager should be lubricated with a water based lube such as Liquid Silk and then gently inserted into your anus with the curve facing forwards, towards your stomach.

Keep it clean

Toy Joy Toy Cleaner

Toy Joy Toy Cleaner

Once you’re finished playing with your Aneros or Rocks Off Prostate Massager,we strongly recommend you put clean it using a the Toy Joy gay sex toy cleaner then carefully wiping it down with a clean cloth or tissue, making sure to get into any ridges or bumps on it. In stock now get your gay sex toy cleaner here.

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