Lockdown pics – videoclip edition!

This is our third set of lockdown picture posts after a recent packing post and cheeky post, except that it isn’t pictures – it’s videoclips! We’ve seen through our stats how much you’ve enjoyed the past clips, so here are half a dozen new ones taken from guys’ Twitter or Instagram accounts. There’s a link to their Instagram profiles so you can follow them for more hot content!

We’ve had to abide by our blog rules, so there’s no cock on show. But if you want fit bodies, cute arses, and bouncing bulges, then look no further! Please note that the clips may take sometime to load if you’re on a slow connection.

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The first clip we’ve kept as clean as possible and it’s Gabriel Cross going for a lockdown workout. His OnlyFans account features a different kind of workout !


The second clip is a little more playful and featuring Daniel Shoneye and Griffin Barrows likely just before partaking in intimacy (am I even allowed to write “fucking” on here?!).


The third clip gets a little more playful as Oliver Hunt is showing off a new Barcode singlet (we’ve got many super sexy singlets up here btw).


If you’re not semi by now, then this fourth clip worked for me! It’s Greg McKeon bulging on a balcony!


The fifth clip sees us pointing in the same direction as one of our favourites – Patrick Leblanc!


And our final clip is the hottest way we can, ahem, finish ourselves off without showing actual flesh. It’s Cory Kane (in his own words) getting horny waiting for a shag to come over!

Let us know which picture you like the most and recommend some more hot profiles for us to follow!

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