Fleshjack Quickshot Vantage now in stock!


One of the only complaints we ever receive on the original Fleshjack at Esmale is the cleaning after you climax. Introducing the Fleshjack Quickshot Vantage! The Quickshot is less than half the size of the original model, and comes with an open-ended design so you can shoot wherever you like!

There’s so many more advantages to this new smaller model including the much cheaper price, the neat sleeve caps on both ends which help keep it clean and more easily storable, the smaller size making it perfect for travelling with, and the inner ribbed canal which will help you achieve orgasm!


Another advantage to this new compact size is the fact that you can use it to wank with whilst getting sucked off at the same time! One of us in the office has tried out this method and can attest that is more than just a gimmick, making it the best masturbator to be used with a partner, or alone!

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