OMG, what an orgasm!

Seriously, I have just had one of the best orgasm I have ever had on my own.

It might have been helped by the hangover horn I had. You know the feeling you get when you have been out and you wake of in the morning with a hangover and you just MUST cum. Well I was out with the guys last night and I woke up this morning with the biggest hard-on, ready for some insane beating of my monkey! Throbbing hard and sensative to touch I started and then I remembered that I had the Fleshjack Brent Corrigan under my bed.

I quickly lubed up and put my dick into his ass, OMG I slammed it hard and furious. I like to screw the top so no air comes in and the sucking is the strongest, so strong in fact, most guys I know let some air in but i was going hardcore, slam-suck-slam-suck-slam-suck-slam-suck-slam-slam-slam-slam BOOM SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT! I am not joking I felt i was shooting for hours, I am getting a semi just thinking about it 🙂

I have no idea if it was because of my hangover horn or the Fleshjack or whatever the F*** it was, it was HORRRNYYYYYY!!!!


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