The best sex EVER!

Performance enhancers are my new thing s far as gay toys are concerned!

My first Golden root pill was something i still remember well! I was very nervous as I thought it might harm me or I would have a negative reaction. I took the pills and after 10 minutes I was afraid I was immune because nothing had happened. The guy (nice latino) that was with me was getting steamy and all was well. After another 5 minutes I could actually feel the Golden Root, my manhood was much harder then normally but that was not the only thing. After I had cum i was almost ready to go again instantly, and to me, unfortunately, that does not normally happy. I was getting regular semi’s for about 2 days, loved it!

I was browsing through on my fave gay toys store online ready to buy more Golden Root and I cam across their cock sheaths. I had never heard of cock sheath before but was fascinated by the concept.
I bought a clear one because I like to see my manhood! OMG, this experience was great. What I loved was that my partner (power bottom extraordinaire:) could not get enough of me! I did him so hard that we both fell in a big pile of sweats and cum-stain only to wake up an hour later like to dirty gay sluts, ooopp!!!

Lotta intense loving!

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