Aneros: The way to a man’s heart is through his prostate!

The boys at esmale are always banging on about the fun you can have with your prostate, we have the tools to help you discover the G-spot and we’ve got the goods to turn you into a prostate massaging guru! Take a look at the full range of prostate massagers available at esmale including the best selling range of gay sex toys from Aneros.

Finding the prostate

If you’re looking to discover the pleasure of prostate play, finding the prostate isn’t that difficult, but pleasuring it takes a little bit more skill. That’s why we’re on hand with a few tricks and gay sex toys specially designed to give you knee trembling orgasms.

The P-spot, (AKA the male G-spot) is the prostate perineum, which is a small soft spot between your anus and the scrotum. Surrounded by lots of sensitive nerve endings this area controls your erections, orgasms and ejaculations, pushing the right buttons will help you achieve a new level of orgasm!

Top tip: the best position for you to discover your prostate is to lie with your legs open. This will allow you comfortably reach forward and access your anus, then
place your well-lubricated index finger inside your anus until you come to a small dime or walnut-sized mound on your rectal wall. Congratulations, you have reached your P-spot!

Next, how to stimulate it

Now, gently touch and massage your prostate until you get used to the sensation. The nerve endings here are super-sensitive, so start slowly and cautiously rubbing the spot. With your free you can masturbate (not too vigorous, or the game will be over in seconds!)

Don’t forget your lube

Apply and reapply a generous amount of lube to your finger to keep things slippery and wet. If you’re enjoying the sensation, start to apply more pressure to increase the thrill.

Recommended gay sex toys

Aneros take prostate play a step further with their great range of Aneros prostate massagers. Gay sex toys such as the Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager, the Aneros MGX Massager and the Aneros Maximus Prostate Massager will deliver the bigger more intense orgasms, each prostate massager delivers a varying degree of pressure and pleasure.

Genius! If you need a bit of extra lube, inside as well as out, the Aneros Marksmen Lubricant Applicator is a genius invention for inserting lubricant internally and reaching the parts that matter. We recommend a water based lube or specifically designed anal lubes such as Maximus Anal Lubricant or liquid silk, and add some Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide for an even smoother ride.

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