Want a bigger erection?

The gay sex toys market is bombarded by the many different erection-enhancing supplements, blue pills and creams on the market, but trying to work out what they do and how you use them can be difficult!

Erection StimulantsThe boys at esmale have put together a quick and easy guide, to getting a bigger erection, read on and discover exactly which product is right for you and most importantly how to take it too.

First up, what is a sexual enhancer?

Most of us are probably familiar with Viagra and its little brother Cialis; however unless prescribed by a medical professional these formulas have a range of nasty side effects which can kill your libido, despite giving you a rock hard penis!

Erection stimulants and enhancers work by opening up and engorging the blood vessels inside the penis, therefore more blood can move into the penis ultimately giving you a bigger, firmer and longer lasting erection.

What do you recommend?

If you’re concerned about your size of your erection or having problems getting an erection or staying hard we recommend you visit your GP first. For peace of mind get advise from your doctor rather than be left worrying!

esmale sells only approved herbal erection stimulants which have minimal side effects but incredible capability! So if you’re looking for a natural rather than chemical erection enhancer then take a look at our herbal supplement range.

Wolfberry Erection StimulantsWolfberry is one our most popular supplement and comes in pill form.
This erection enhancer contains popular libido enhancers. Formerly known as VRX-V Wolfberry is the herbal erection stimulant designed by guys for guys. This sexual stimulant is fast-acting erection boosting supplement developed through years of research into Chinese herbal medicine, which will give you the confidence you need to satisfy your man

It is worth remembering that VigRX is a long-term pill. It won’t instantly give you a massive erection and unending stamina but it will work subtly over a number of months to give you lasting results. Get yours here.

Herbal V Complex AKA the blue pill is a completely natural Herbal V Complex improve RampantXXXXsexual performance in men with fantastic results. With this capsule, you will benefit from increased stamina, energy and harder erections for overall improvement on your sexual fulfilment.

Rampant Sexual Enhancement Stimulant is the little red capsule is a totally safe and effective herbal alternative to the little blue pill. This stimulant includes a unique blend of ingredients designed to improve sexual performance and give you a bigger better erection.


Stimul8 erection cream is designed to be used topically, simply apply a little into your hands and rub all over the penis, start at the base and work right up to the head. The Stimul8-erection-creamcream is absorbed through the skin to provide bigger erections, greater rigidity and controlled ejaculation. Whilst using an erection cream will get to work quicker than pills, be aware that the results don’t last as long and you may have to reapply occasionally.

Whatever you choose to use remember that each brand of erection enhancer works in different ways, for different people. Whereas your mates might prefer VigRX others will find that Rampant works better for them. Experiment with a few different kinds and give it a week or two to see how you get on.

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