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Shopping for a jockstrap has never been easier! At esmale we stock a great range of jockstraps from Bike and Barcode, or erotic underwear from Dirty Fukker and Fist some guys even choose to wear them as regular underwear!

Let’s face it the sight of a guy wearing a jockstrap is sexy! We even stock leather jockstraps especially for those guys who are into the leather and military fetish.

Bike Jockstrap
The Bike jockstrap is one of the most popular brands of Jockstrap on the gay scene. Bike has stood the test of time and the classic Bike design will give you great support and is made from a superior mix of rubber, cotton and nylon. Bike has made improvements to the pouch making sure your manhood is given the exposure it needs. Now, not only does it look great, it also gives you the best support in all the right places.

Dirty Fukker
The Dirty Fukker jockstrap has been styled to make you look sexy and feel great. This range of jocks features a wide rear strap for perfect support. The jockstrap style is designed to accentuate everything you’ve got, front and back.


FIST Jockstrap
The FIST jockstrap is designed in collaboration with Dirty Fukker. This range of jockstraps is available in a range of colours. The fit is great and the look is sexy. If you are looking for a jockstrap that offers more than comfort and support then the FIST jockstrap is for you.

Full off attitude this jockstrap will show you off in your best light. It is very comfortable to wear and suitable for all occasions. The 8% lycra that is in this jockstrap makes sure the fit is suited to your shape and size, complementing each inch of you.

Barcode Jockstrap
The Barcode jockstrap was designed to be worn by serious athletes but in recent years the Barcode Berlin update of the classic men’s jockstrap has now become an everyday item for everyday guys. This hot jock brings the latest in fabric technology and 21st century design to the most masculine item in any man’s wardrobe. This premium jock can only be from Barcode Berlin, the hottest name in men’s underwear.

But whatever you’re looking for esmale is your one stop shop dedicated to providing you with the best jockstrap and athletic support from the top bestselling brands.

Check out the full range of jockstraps available at esmale and choose the one that suits you at a price you want to pay, and don’t forget to check out our special offers page.

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