Aneros, sofa and bedroom pleasure!

For all off you that are into gay sex toys and have not yet used an Aneros prostate massager, all I can say is, come and get one! Seriously guys, this experience will enlighten you. I know you cannot make guarantees but I am willing to risk our solid reputation on the Aneros products we have. So much so that you will get your money back if you do not enjoy the experience.

I really like the fact the Aneros prostate massagers are hands free. When I am on my own I love sliding in the Aneros when I lie on the bed or on the sofa. I switch on a bit of a hot gay porn movie and will have a long slow play with myself. Aneros makes it difficult for me to last very long so I normally wait for a bit before I slide it in. Once the Aneros is in all I have to do is continue with my penis and body play and the Aneros will do the rest.

Aneros in bed

The Aneros is built to massage the prostate and somehow, more then any other prostate massager I have ever used, it really knows its way around the prostate by hitting all the right spots.

Before you know it you will have jizzed and cum so hard and you have not even got to your favourite bit of the movie yet, lol. The orgasms Aneros is responsible for are so much stronger than a normal orgasm. I have even managed to shoot straight into my face once, which was strangely hot to be honest. I have never shot so far without an Aneros, so what ever their techniques are I hope team Aneros keep developing them!

The Aneros selection is large which is why in our store we have the best and most successful selection. The Aneros Maximus is the most popular and we have had the very best responses on this one.

It is Sunday today and my housemate is out so it might be time for and Aneros moment…

Team esmale, essentially for men.


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