Butt plug, any time anywhere!

I am a huge butt plug fan. This does not mean I am a fan of a huge butt plug though. I have tried a butt plug that was of a big size and it was not for me.

I like a gay dildo to be big, but I use a butt plug in a different way. For me the best way to use a butt plug is when you are also doing something else. I love to top someone whilst wearing a butt plug. With every thrust you have the sensation of being in someone and at the same time feel the butt plug in your arse. This also works totally amazingly with the hands free Aneros prostate massager.


Butt plug fun in the shower

Another occasion that I find a butt plug to be great, is when I have a shower. I realise this is not necessarily a super sexual experience, as such, but it is just really nice, try it.  Get yourself a butt plug that is not too big and when you bend over to wash your feet, or something (like dropping the soap), you will feel the butt plug nudging in your bum. The only issue is that my water bill has gone up as I am showering a lot more these days, ooops!

Butt Plug from Domestic partner

My fave butt plug is this small one from Domestic Partner. It is of great quality but what I like the most is that it does not feel too intrusive. This means I have freedom to move and wiggle around whilst the butt plug is gently present in my behind. If you are in the mood for a good rogering, get yourself a nice big gay dildo, but for some extra stimulation this butt plug is prefect. I love it! You can get it for only £15.99 and it will last you many shower, cleaning and sex sessions. This butt plug will last longer than many other gay sex toys as it is made of very good materials and it also cleans well. All you have to do is enjoy it. I know I will.

For more information on this butt plug or many of the others we have in our store, please visit the butt plug section.


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